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What is the Forest of Hope?
We wanted to acknowledge the support we receive from the Friends of Dublin Samaritans, to give something back and to look towards a future of sustainability. To achieve this our idea is to plant a tree (a symbol of hope) for everyone who becomes a Friend of Dublin Samaritans.


Can I buy trees online?

Yes, you can buy up to 10 tress online on our buy a tree page.For more than 10 trees, please contact us directly and we can assist you.


How can my organisation become a Friend of Dublin Samaritans?

If you are a corporate and would like to become a Friend of Dublin Samaritans, you can make a tax-deductible donation by planting 10 or more trees in our Forest of Hope.


How much does it cost to become a Friend of Dublin Samaritans

Annual membership costs €120  [If paying by Direct Debit you can make a full payment or split the payment over 12 months - €10 p/m].


Can I become a Friend without a Direct Debit?

Yes you can; you can pay by cheque, bank transfer (see details below) or you can contact us on for other alternatives. 


Bank Sort Code 931152
Account Number 26948093
Swift Code AIBKIE2D
IBAN Number IE54AIBK93115226948093


Cheques can be made out to Dublin Samaritans and sent to Dublin Samaritans, 112 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, D01 A378


What will I get as a Friend of Dublin Samaritans?

A Friend of Dublin Samaritans will receive:


Where will my tree be planted?

In a designated are in the Dublin mountains, on land gifted to Dublin Samaritans by The Tree Council of Ireland


Will I be able to visit the forest?

Yes, but it will take time to plant the forest as we are starting from scratch.  We will create a forest together and keep you updated through our newsletters.


Will there be a plaque on my tree?

Unfortunately not.


What type of tree is it?

A native Irish tree.  There will be an assortment of species – Oak, Ash, Hazel, Birch


How is the Friends of Dublin Samaritans Forest of Hope supported?
The Forest of Hope is kindly supported by Coillte, which has gifted 1,000 native Irish trees to the sustainable project. The Tree Council of Ireland has also generously donated the land. Coillte will plant and care for a tree for every new member of Friends of Dublin Samaritans.


What happens when I subscribe?

We will send you correspondence confirming your subscription and including your Membership Pack.


When does my subscription commence from?

Non Direct Debit subscriptions will commence from date of receipt. 


What happens my membership when the year is up?

One month before your Friends Subscription is due to expire, we will write to you and see if you wish to let your membership go forward another year.

If you wish to continue and you are paying by Direct Debit then you do not need to do anything, another tree will be planted in your name and you will continue to receive the perks of being a ‘Friend of Dublin Samaritans’.

If you don’t wish to continue then you will need to advise us in writing (email or letter) by the end of month prior your next payment being debited to your account.  We will then cancel your subsequent Direct Debit and all others going forward.  

If Yes and you are paying by another method we will communicate with you at that time what your options are.


You can contact us any time by emailing


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